PWR-PRO Air Mitts (Matte Black)

PWR-PRO Air Mitts (Matte Black)

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Our PWR-PRO Air Mitts are here! Are you looking for impact reduction and wrist cushioning? This superb model of professional grade high tier air mitt has you covered! Alike our previous 'Heavy Hands Animal Mitt' model our PWR-PRO are made to endure the shock of a heavy hitter via both super sponge and EVA foam in which we have used within our ingeniously engineered air chamber design. The outer skin is made by our partnering companies' sort-after microfibre/ cowhide compound material. This model features a cupped insert and padded wrist protector cushion on the inside of the wrist along with breathable mesh finger covers to avoid unwanted contact.


  • Microfibre/ cowhide compound skin
  • Inner Air Chamber
  • Cupped insert
  • Shock-absorbing foams
  • Wrist Cushion
  • Finger Covers