D-Strap Double Velcro Gloves - Allstar (Black/ Blue/ White)

D-Strap Double Velcro Gloves - Allstar (Black/ Blue/ White)

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Our D-Strap velcro glove is designed to provide maximum hand and wrist support. This model features 5 layers of shock absorbing foam around the hand in varying densities.  The composition of the glove compliments our double strap technology perfectly, the wrist is secured alongside our attached thumb system and outer microfibre compounded skin which has remained current in this sleek but effective combat sports all rounder glove!


Our D-Strap Double Velcro glove has yet again raised the bar and we cant wait for you to experience the future of comfortability and protection across this range.

This glove is an all-rounder and can be used in all facets of the gym including pad work, bag work, drills and sparring!



  • Double velcro wrist strap technology
  • Microfibre/ cowhide compound skin
  • Reinforced hand/ wrist protection
  • 5 layers of shock-absorbing foams