Pinnacle Lace-up Gloves - Blackout (Matte Black)

Pinnacle Lace-up Gloves - Blackout (Matte Black)

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The Pinnacle lace-up series is here! Soft feel, comfortable, sleek and sister to our popular Premium lace-up range this elite model of glove showcases our signature logo on the upper glove with a sleek minimalist design throughout the remaining areas of the product. Featuring 5 purpose built layers of shock-absorbing foam around the hand, unique reinforced wrist protection technology and inner padding with an upper skin made by our partnering companies microfibre/ cowhide compound material. This glove is made to give you the choice of comfort you deserve!


  • Soft feel
  • Microfibre/ cowhide compound skin
  • Strengthened inner padding
  • Reinforced wrist protection
  • 5 layers of shock-absorbing foams
  • Flat lace-up design