PB1 Oval Speed Mitt Pro (Black)

PB1 Oval Speed Mitt Pro (Black)

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Our Powrbox PB1 Oval Speed Mitts have been developed with both streamline ability and comfort in mind! This professional focus pad is made for speed/ precision work and consists of a three layer combination of injected foam technology including specialised S2000 foam & EVA. This is to ensure both the boxer and PB1 Oval Speed Mitt Pro holder avoid unwanted rigid impact. The outer skin is made by our partnering companies' sort-after microfibre/ cowhide compound material. This model features a cupped insert which wraps around the inner palm for comfortablity. 


  • Microfibre/ cowhide compound skin
  • Cupped insert
  • 3 layers of shock-absorbing foams
  • 20cm x 16.5cm