Pinnacle Sparring Kit - Bloodbath (Black/ Red)

Pinnacle Sparring Kit - Bloodbath (Black/ Red)

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Premium Groin Protector/ Premium Headguard/ 16oz Pinnacle Lace-up Gloves

This kit features a combination of our three most essential products-

1) Powrbox Premium traditional style headguard with signature logo on the cheek, velcro chin strap and built in cheek protectors. Made using special high density shock absorbing foam for elite impact absorption and comfort along with laced top and rear for easy adjustment and tightening.

2) Powrbox Premium V1 Groin Protector built using high density foam with level hip guards for superior protection and freedom of movement. Elasticised completely adjustable rear lace-up component and elastic leg straps.

3) Powrbox Pinnacle Lace-up Boxing Gloves! Soft feel, comfortable, sleek and sister to our popular Premium lace-up range this elite model of glove showcases our signature logo on the upper glove with a sleek minimalist design throughout the remaining areas of the product. Featuring 5 purpose built layers of shock-absorbing foam around the hand, unique reinforced wrist protection technology and inner padding with an upper skin made by our partnering companies microfibre/ cowhide compound material. This glove is made to give you the choice of comfort you deserve!


  • Microfibre/ cowhide compound skin
  • High density EVA compound foam
  • Strengthened inner padding
  • Velcro chin strap (Headguard)
  • Lace-up design (Gloves)
  • Adjustable laced top and rear (Headguard and Groin Protector)