Privacy & Terms

1. Privacy Policy

  1. (a)  Details that you provide to use may be stored and collected (Personal


  2. (b)  Powrbox Pty Ltd understands that the Customers privacy is of upmost importance and should be maintained throughout their dealings with Powrbox Pty Ltd.

  3. (c)  Powrbox Pty Ltd recognises its statutory obligations under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and deals with Personal Information in a manner which is consistent with these obligations.

  4. (d)  This section informs the Customers of our policies regarding collection, use and disclosure of Personal Information we receive from users of the Site.

  5. (e)  By using the Site, you agree and consent to the collection and use of personal information in accordance with this policy.

(i) Personal Information includes and is not limited to: names, gender, addresses, phone numbers, emails.

  1. (f)  We collect your Personal Information for the primary purpose of providing services to you, which includes but is not limited to delivery of goods, billing services and marketing purposes.

  2. (g)  Personal information is stored in a manner that reasonably protects it from misuse and loss and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.

    1. (i)  When and if your Personal Information is no longer needed for the purpose for which it is obtained, we will take reasonable steps to destroy or permanently de-identify your Personal Information.

    2. (ii)  However, Powrbox Pty Ltd accepts no liability for unauthorised use of information.

  3. (h)  Customer’s may request access to their personal information provided the request is made in writing.

    1. (i)  We will not charge a fee for the access request, but may charge an administrative fee for providing a copy of your Personal Information.

    2. (ii)  In order to protect your Personal Information, we may require identification from you before releasing the requested information.

  4. (i)  Personal Information may be disclosed where required or authorised by law.

  5. (j)  The Customer may make a complaint that his/her privacy has been breached by contacting Powrbox Pty Ltd via email on: