Name: Alex Gorgees

Fight name: Hitman

Record: 5-1 Amateur; 7-1 Pro

Titles: UFN Amateur Lightweight Title

Date of Birth: 11/08/1995

Birthplace: Australia

Nationality: Assyrian/Iraqi

Tell us a little bit about yourself:
I’m a out going loud person and I love to run a muck 😛

What has been your biggest achievement so far:
Making the UFC has been by far the biggest achievement in my career, cutting the weight to make it to the fight was also a big achievement for me. I cut 13 kilos in 9 days.

What are your short term and long term goals:
Short term in 3 months I’m back on the scene.
Long term be the biggest talked about name in Aus 💯

Who is your biggest inspiration and why (fighter or no fighter):
My biggest inspiration as a fighter in defiantly the Diaz brothers they’re style the way they speak/act reminds me of my self.
Outside the cage defiantly my mum she’s a hard working person and it drives me so much

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